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trained originally in audio engineering in london, I started my working career as an editor/cutter in a film production company back in germany in 1999. quickly gaining knowledge in b2b video production, I moved to a managing position within 5 years and founded my own company (kambeckfilm gmbh) within 7 years. 

during over 20 years of delivering high quality solutions for the industry, with a permanent staff of 10 creatives and a large number of freelancers, I constantly honed my craft to explore every aspect of the moving image production, including two full-length feature film productions.

this drive and curiosity lead to the founding of various different side businesses and associations, many of which are still running successfully to this day. this entrepreneurial spirit granted me a wealth of experience in the start-up scene, creating business models and award-winning pitch decks for investors and finding funding streams in different sectors.

working closely together with many different TOP100 companies across all industries, as well as SMEs and even single artists over such a long time period, equipped me with a broad skillset for my current work as a freelancer. (if you need the name dropping you can find it here.)

my DNA writes CREATIVE all over, and in combination with, a strong analytical mind and with a ‘german efficiency’ upbringing, you won’t experience the stereotypical creative chaos when working with me. a well structured workflow and in-depth knowledge in my field, with a strong focus on the details, allows me to achieve high quality results within any given parameters. 

let us, together, create weird and wonderful worlds to reach your audience and turn them into passionate followers of your brand.


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