creative director

creative development and responsibility for the complete production process of advertising and marketing campaigns, including photo, video, animation, motion design, web design, print layout, social media content, vr, ar and meta projects. 

as a good creative director with many years of production experience I know how to lead creative teams and how to unite individual skills and technologies to achieve the best possible result. 

project manager

striving to maintain workflow and progress in creative projects to reduce the risk of overall failure, while maximising benefits and minimising costs.

starting with the creation of a well written brief, I carry projects from concept to completion, also acting as first contact for any issues or discrepancies arising between actors or departments before they escalate. I can be booked for the whole process or for individual parts of the implementation.

soundtrack composer

music and sound design enhance the narrative and the emotional impact of your project, being perfectly timed to specific cue points, the beginning and the end.

working under the guidance of a director or producer is the standard. if requested I am happy to also take on the creative decision making.

I am experienced in composing for video, film, live theatre, radio, video games, vr and ar applications.

music / podcast producer

my role as a producer covers various fields including music and podcast production such as gathering ideas, composing music, choosing musicians, proposing changes to song arrangements, controlling the recording sessions, supervising and/or doing the audio mixing and mastering.

as executive producer I help oversee business partnerships, financing and the whole publishing process, either in teams with professional record labels or (especially with podcasts) as self-publishing projects. 

content creator

uniqueness, quality and quantity are of crucial importance in digital marketing to stay ahead of the competition. covering the whole bandwidth from text, photography, video, animation, coding and graphics for all your online channels, I understand the need to keep you ahead of the the competition.

content creation itself is not enough. research, analytics and monitoring the market or even potential new channels are important building blocks for a successful online strategy. my service can focus on only one part or channel, or can cover every aspect of your online strategy.

social media manager

managing social media channels is about developing strategies, creating and overseeing campaigns, reviewing analytics and communicating with the stakeholders. depending on the size of the company content creation itself can be a part of it as well. the main targets are:

  • to increase followers and drive engagement.
  • posting and monitoring on all owned channels and platforms.
  • strategising content and campaigns
  • analysing data
  • reporting metrics to the main stakeholders

wordpress wizzard

wordpress is the most powerful open-source content management platform out there, with a multitude of plug-ins to extend its functionality. 

as a business, it is crucial to build a custom wp-site that goes beyond templates to align closely with your brand. understanding the features, functionalities and capabilities makes for a quick setup and design.

contact me for landing pages, webpages, blogs, vlogs, online shops and web apps.

instructor / coach / mentor

building in-house creative or marketing workflows, bringing your creative team up up speed with the latest technology or putting together a tech requirement list for a specific project, I am bringing over 20 years of experience to your table. 

many years of training and helping my own apprentices achieve the highest outcomes, as well as being supervisor in the final exam of the profession ‘media designer, image and sound’ for the chamber of commerce, I know how teach content in an easy to understand way.